Angie Krause


Positive Champion for Global Leaders

Angie is an impactful Global Leadership Consultant, Presenter, Facilitator, Powerful Intuitive and Positive Champion for Global Leaders.

Described by her clients as a Fire-Igniter, Life Changer, Indefinable, Magical, Priceless, Leadership Angel, Spot-On Intuitive, Soulful Ass Kicker & all around Super Hero to have on your leadership team, Angie owns Moments That Matter ~ A Unique Connection Company & BE your brand.

Angie serves top-level CEO’s, Global Business Leaders, Entrepreneurs & Dignitaries across the world.  She is loyal & dedicated to empower you to BE the Global Leader you were born to be for the greatest good of all.

She is a respected Leadership Intuitive & Energy Connection Expert who seamlessly weaves 25 years of successful Brand Building, PR, Marketing, & Connected Partnerships together with the more soulful side of business and world affairs.

Positive. Energy. Mind-Blowing. Results.

Among Angie’s gifts, she quickly assists you to successfully navigate ego/fear in your professional & personal life.  

As a result, you will significantly elevate your leadership, increase energy, amp up confidence, release judgments, trust your intuition, gain valuable clarity, find more balance and create abundance in all areas of life.

Connected Conversations

Powerful on stage, in the boardroom or one-on-one, Angie utilizes her intuitive gifts to connect with each audience in a unique, meaningful & profound way.

Connected Conversations play a pivotal role to empower you to become an exceptionally strong Global Leader, substantially increase positive energy & profits, develop highly connected & conscious brands, create successful & soulful teams and give back to our world in impactful ways.

Attendees leave feeling connected, understood, respected & empowered in a memorable way that is hard to describe until it is experienced first hand.  She engages participants to begin Soul Full Conversations and to be Soul Full Leaders.

BE the Global Leader you were born to be

With her warmth, contagious sense of humor & legendary leadership style, Angie will bring you to the heart of the matter to BE the Global Leader you were born to be.

Angie will enrich your leadership & life in ways you never thought possible. ~ Sarah M.

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Positive. Energy. Mind-Blowing. Results.

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