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Power Beyond This World


We were honored to bring on Angie for 

2 separate international events.  She was a guest speaker & also a participant on our expert panel. 

She was our most requested panelist to meet with.  Clients lined up to spend time with Angie. 

I witnessed two grown professional men literally run across the room with the excitement of children after spending just 30 short minutes with her.  With Angie’s insight, their business took a pivotal turn that catapulted them into enormous success.

With another attendee, Angie intuitively identified a toxic relationship that severely impacted his business & health.  He released much of that anxiety and improved his energy level & focus immensely. 

Angie is one of those unique people who leave a lasting impression hard to put into words.  You know you have been blessed by a higher power when she connects with your heart in a way that is more than magical.  

Whether it is a business decision you have been contemplating or a difficult relationship in your life, Angie just KNOWS how to make you aware & guides you successfully through the experience. 

I could go on & on about the gift Angie has, but I will leave you with this one thought.  

She is an angel.  

You will know someone has touched you with a power & insight beyond this world.  

You will be forever grateful.

Susan B.  

She Lit Up The Arena


There was something unique & exciting about Angie the moment she came on stage.

The energy of the entire room came to life!  

Everyone could feel it.  

When Angie began to speak, 

she lit up the arena! 

There was magic around the moments & miracles and trials & tribulations she shared.  

Angie was able to fully connect with each person in a deep way, even though she was speaking to a large audience,  

This made the experience and her message feel completely personal.  

My life forever changed for the better that day after listening to Angie.

She showed me back to myself 

& has ever since.

Terra Rose G. 

Minds Were Blown


I hired Angie as a guest speaker for an exclusive leadership & Global entrepreneur conference event.

She was the most popular speaker. 

Regardless of what country each participant hailed from, Angie connected with our entire audience on a soul level.

Angie also met with some of our leaders one-on-one to provide intuitive guidance.  

Minds were blown.  Hearts were opened. 

Angie's intuitive leadership & enthusiasm, matched with her diverse business knowledge is evident in both areas.  

Her leadership is powerful & life changing.  

Amzi G. 

Dreams Took Flight


Angie intuitive & introspective stories change the lives of those who hear her speak.  

Her teaching & presentation style is very down to earth & friendly, making Angie relatable to everyone in attendance. 

It was our pleasure to have her participate as a presenter at our Celebrate! Your Business conference at US Airways Arena.

 The feedback received regarding Angie's  presentation was nothing short of phenomenal.  

Lives were changed & 

dreams took flight that day. 

She is clear, concise & always on the mark! 

Star S. 

A Whole New Realm


Angie is an exceptional facilitator.  

It was a pleasure to have her lead our professional development event.  

The experience was eye opening & highly beneficial for all attendees.  

During our Connected Conversation, everyone received the opportunity to share their fears, celebrate their strengths & 

to be supported. 

It was inspiring to witness some of most introverted members of our organization who rarely speak, feel safe & confident to share at a deeper level. 

The experience empowered us as individuals & also built group strength.  We all learned so much about each other & from each other. 

It was both a valuable cohort building experience and powerful time of reflection for our participants. 

We walked out of the room more focused on being of better service to each other and ourselves as leaders.

After the event, participants came to me and shared how much they enjoyed the experience.  Many said they have never participated in anything like it before. 

I highly recommend Angie as a facilitator who connects on a whole new realm. 

Sam R. 

Dynamic Radio Guest


Angie is an angel – a true gift & muse.  

My work in Radio & Television allows me to successfully create Celebrity Status & Strategic Connections for others, however, until Angie, never before has anyone been able to provide me with the high caliber of professional intuitive guidance & energy connections that she does.

One magical introduction Angie made opened a door to a national stage with an International Icon providing additional credibility & visibility for my brand.

Her God-given gifts as a true connector, talented professional & Divinely guided intuitive make her an inspiration 

to everyone she meets.

She is also a dynamic & powerful Radio guest!  Angie provides insightful information to my listeners & guests to inspire them to make positive change in their lives.

Michelle C.

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