Enlightens Entertainment


You are absolutely amazing!  

You bring enlightenment & encouragement to all of us out here in the world of entertainment.  

You project endless possibilities for success!

Mick T.

Wonder Woman


Angie empowers you to increase your leadership impact because she holds you & your leadership to a high standard of value.  

With her guidance, I doubled my business & income within a short period of time.

As a result of learning to operate more from my soul than ego, I feel calmer in all areas of life and enjoy more peace daily.

Life, leadership and professional & personal relationships are all stronger.

Angie played a vital role to help me build a healthy relationship with my father.  

At one point, I wasn’t sure if we would ever speak again.  We now share a close, caring & deeper relationship we are both proud of.  

Most of all, Angie has a powerful ability to bring you back to your true self. 

She has a natural gift to reconnect you to your soul in moments of doubt or when you feel disconnected from your purpose or leadership.  

Connect with Angie Krause once and you will quickly understand the unconditional love and leadership loyalty she carries for humanity.  

This is why clients, family & friends often refer to her as Wonder Woman.

If you have watched the No Man’s Land scene in the movie Wonder Woman, it reminds me of the strong & compassionate leader Angie is.  

Her silver bracelets deflect all the destructive fear bullshit in the world. 

She wraps her golden lasso heart around leaders until they remember the truth of who they are and reminds us how to lead with honor & valor. 

Matthew W.

North Star


Angie's insights were spot on and 

extremely motivational.  

Finding my career & life at turning point, with decisions to make and new challenges to face, her guidance was no less than a North Star in a seemingly pathless field.  

Angie's work provided an inspirational force, truth & catalyst for change.

Renee R.

Valuable Counsel


Angie is priceless to have in your corner.  

As a political & economic leader, it can feel challenging due to the tense polarization over value and policies.  

Angie provides valuable and benevolent counsel both through times of hardship & good fortune.  

She has an innate gift to unify people and help you stay focused to succeed while staying true to who you are.

She undeniably played a huge part in the leader I am today. 

I am extremely grateful.

Sam R.

Beacon of Light


You saw the vision & with unwavering support you kept leading me forward to achieve my dreams.  

With your intuitive guidance, my business income has increased substantially, I’ve attracted wonderful new clients and I am a more successful & soulful CEO. 

I can't believe the picture you saw for me & helped me to create.  I knew it would be BIG!  This is HUGE!

During the most trying times of my leadership, you are a powerful grounding force & beacon of light.  

Tracy R.

Strong Compass


In no other words, Angie is a modern day Superhero.  

I continually witness a strong internal compass within her that without fail will successfully guide you towards a multitude of monumental moments on your leadership mission.  

She supported my organization to distinctly engage audiences from every corner of the world, significantly increase my income & to lead with heart. 

Angie’s dedication to stand behind her clients & propel them onto a global stage demonstrates her commitment to create a future filled with more passionate & forward thinking leaders.  

Adam S.

We Honor Ezra Dawson

You will be forever touched by Angie’s powerful presence. 

I was introduced to Angie at a time in my life where I needed to clear some painful energy that blocked me from next level in business & leadership after my brother SGT Ezra Dawson died in the Afghanistan War.

It was like God sent an Angel in Angie.  I truly felt my prayers were being answered when we met. 

She helped me grieve with much less pain, anger & bitterness, which had become a part of my daily life.  (I missed him deeply.)

Angie put into words what I could not. 

I began to be more appreciative of Ezra's life & reflect on all the gifts he brought to mine 

I began to feel his presence & laugh more about our time together.  

I began to realize that Ezra made a choice willingly & heroically.  

I became more proud of my brother than ever. 

Atarah W.

* We proudly share the photo above of Sergeant Ezra Dawson & his commrades to honor his life, service and heroic sacrifice.  


Angie has been a huge part of my business since its inception.  

She has an amazing ability to bridge spirituality with leadership & business.  

With Angie’s guidance, I have witnessed the expansion of abundance in every area of my life.  

Her attunement to Soul is powerful, yet the leadership guidance she provides is practical, manageable & tangible.

I wholeheartedly trust her.  

When you are ready to work with her, get ready for an earthquake of shifts. 

Why else would I call her Angel Angie?

Jen S.

You are my hero for so many reasons. ~ Carmen B.