Super Human Being


If everyone had a coach like you, peace throughout the world would be inevitable. 

I’ve been blessed to work with many 

world-class coaches, 

yet I have never met anyone like you.

It’s like you are not human. You are some kind of a super human being. 

You are SMART, really smart.

And inspirational.

When I look back on your guidance, it’s miraculous how accurate you are. 

Thank you Angie from the bottom of my heart for your guidance, insight, love & encouragement.  

You are an important light in the world & inspire the rest of us as leaders, to do our part.

Your love & wisdom is so powerful.

Margaret Y. 

Empowering Leaders


Angie is my CEO coach and infinitely more.  It’s hard to convey how much Angie has helped me & continues to help me.  

She believed in me long before 

I believed in myself.

Angie guided me though many difficult situations over the years all of which led to extensive professional & personal growth. 

I transformed deep fear & pain from past childhood trauma (physical, mental and sexual abuse) into a successful Global product platform to empower others. 

The purpose of my sports performance company Athalonz is to help people have happy, healthy & safe lives by 

Empowering Power.

Athalonz fuses technology & sports.  We produce scientifically proven products to powerfully increase performance and to help everyone play their best. 

Our mission is to support body, mind & spirit.  We believe it’s important to support every player from the ground up with a solid foundation.

As a child, I often felt powerless.  I was made to feel less than, worthless and stupid.  These messages were ingrained into me.  I no longer believe those lies and felt called to speak up & share my story to make a positive difference.

That is why when customers support the Athalonz brand, they also support our efforts to prevent child abuse and assist survivors of all ages to recover & thrive.

We give back. We empower your power.  We promote social shifts for change.

I now embrace the bigger mission of Athalonz and my life.  I cannot think of a greater purpose for myself or leadership. 

While I am thrilled with how many 

professional athletes love our products,  

I receive the most soul satisfaction when a child shares with us what a difference our products make in their increased confidence level and love of the game.  

My law practice has also experienced sizeable gaines, profits, people and purpose since Angie and I began our work together.  

I am one of the top patent attorneys in the U.S. & now own that leadership accomplishment with deservingness & pride.  

Thank you Angie, for the past, present & future support to help me BE-come me.

Tim M.

For Our Future


I believe Angie is one of the greatest leaders on this planet. 

Angie's coaching meant the world to me. 

My business & life have elevated to a much higher level rapidly. I have so much more courage to be, do & live!

Sales are up, my team is connected & life is more balanced. 

I am more confident & secure in all areas of my life. I trust my intuition to a greater extent, which allows me to make faster & more knowledgeable decisions in my company.

I handle fear in a more constructive way 

and set clear boundaries with my clients, staff & family. 

I have also deepened, expanded & healed important professional and personal relationships. 

I am a more soulful person, stronger leader and a more patient & inspirational mother. 

I am an upgraded version of myself who leads other powerful leaders with confidence & compassion.

The work Angie does is an important investment for our future. 

My sincere hope is all businesses give themselves the opportunity to grow with her.

Katarina N.

Brilliant Clarity


Angie is brilliant and her insight is PRICELESS!  

She brings out the best leader inside of you & makes you realize what is most important.  You will leave with more energy & clear vision then you could ever imagine possible!

Mårten T.

Open Hearts


My God you are amazing at what you do! 

Every point you & I connected on during coaching has been right on.

It’s like you gave me open-heart surgery for my leadership. 

Meg F.

Topographic Map


Angie inspires me by holding a greater vision for the world & myself then what I can see on my own.  

She’s like the Topographic map when I can’t see the forest through the trees.

She guided me to triple my business in 3 months, connect more fully with loved ones & have healthy business relationships.

Angie saw straight through my fears in business and did not let me get stuck there. With her strength, leadership & guidance, I took leaps that I would never take on my own.

Because of Angie’s support, I am a Dr. who provides care to countless cancer survivors & caregivers.  Her service indirectly affects the health and wellbeing of countless lives and that’s just from me!  I know Angie has many other clients that could share their inspiring stories about her ripple effect in the world.

She also helped me reconnect with laughter.  How many people do you know that are a ray of positive energy?  Angie is one of those people.  She is a burst of sunshine for the soul.  If you can’t do something with joy, laughter and love what’s the point?  

If there were more leaders like Angie, our world would embrace laughter, happiness & a sense of ease in the midst of the chaos. 

She helps you remember you are a unique gift to the planet.  

One of leadership qualities I appreciate most about Angie is how she sees the best in you & the entire world.  That is a powerful leader.

Heather P.

Smooth Sailing


Pay Angie what she’s worth, do exactly as she guides and you will create powerful results you can only even dream of!

Angie has a powerful way to help you see what is most important.  She goes straight to the point & addresses the issues that are blocking your results to unleash your most unlimited potential.

I already was a successful & respected professional in Sweden.  However, was looking to take it to the next level quickly.  I also felt I didn't use all my energy in the most effective way possible.  

I am so grateful for my work with Angie.  I am now a stronger businessman, father, husband & leader.  As a result, I take much better care of my family.  

My company experienced huge record-breaking sales, I've 

increased my leadership & speaking to a much larger Global platform, at the same time, completed writing my first book. 

I have also healed issues from the past and become a more soulful & trusting leader.  Which means instead of trying to do everything by myself, I now receive and allow support from others.  

This provides me with energy to focus on other important things in my life including special moments with my children & embarking on a once-in-a lifetime sailing trip with my father and brothers.  

I’ve reconnected with old friends and have a better balance between my personal & professional life.

I create much better results in all aspects of life, with much less effort. 

Ola W.

Ironman Dreams


Angie helped me release loads of energy to boost both my private & professional world.  

I learned to see my environment and myself in a much clearer way, navigating ego with soul.  

As a result, I now serve my family, clients, business region & myself in a much greater way.  

My sales reached an all time high last month and for the last 6 months I have doubled my turnover.  

I have also created more personal freedom to train & fulfill my Ironman dreams.  

My family & social life feels in balance.  Even a soul mate seems within reach. 

A few conference calls between California & Sweden are worth more than I ever could expect.  And I keep coming back, as I now see Angie as my business consultant, "guardian angel" & good friend. 

You will learn to BE in a new way. 

The impact grows & suddenly you realize you have successfully reprogrammed you thoughts, feelings & actions with exciting new results coming your way.  

What is the most interesting to me is Angie manages this over the phone, yet somehow makes me feel as if we are in the same room.  Impressive! 

Angie makes my world a better place. 

Klas W.

Worthy Investment


If you are looking for an impactful coach to elevate your leadership, Angie is your person.  

She empowers me in countless ways.  

Whether it's efficiently sorting out complicated issues with my corporate team, resolving conflicts within myself or releasing professional & personal relationships that no longer serve me, Angie is incredibly helpful.  

When the world feels like it is on my shoulders and can be painful to discuss, she always provides a safe place for clear guidance & objective considerations. 

There has never been one time in my long-term and loyal relationship with Angie that I have not received true value from this investment in myself.

Denise S.



Angie assisted me to bridge the gap between knowing my truth & actually living it.  

I led powerful leaders of leaders with grace, secured abundant clients, won an important vote in my industry and created the perfect business partner to build the company of my dreams. 

I also handed my divorce with peace & integrity so my children would experience the true meaning of unconditional love. 

Recently while traveling internationally for business, a man said to me, “You have been smiling the WHOLE flight. You must be the happiest person I know."  I am now.  

I don’t know if I would have had the courage to stay the course without support. Angie made all the difference. 

What I manifested in 60 days can only be described as the Universe and I working at warp speed.  

It was an experience so powerful words do not do it justice.  If I had to define it in one word?  Freedom!

Gabrielle S.

Incredible Leadership


Angie's valuable guidance allowed me as CEO to make the best choices to define our organizational vision, both internally & to the public.  

Angie saved our company an enormous amount of time & money.

Her gifts of clear, pure & Divine intelligence were instrumental.  She helped manage several challenging situations during our start up phase. 

Working with Angie cannot be put into words; it is something I highly recommend every CEO and company experience.  

I also had the privilege of being on a team of strong women business leaders that Angie created & coached.  Amazing!  

The focus & vision that she held consistently created life-changing experiences for all of us.  

Angie displayed the courage to lead in ways that most would shy away from.  She took calculated risks to support our highest visions.  

She never wavered or let anyone fall behind.  Angie encouraged us to find, connect with & support our teammates unconditionally.  

She led by example.

Angie is an incredible leader!

Mara D.

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